USA Study visa


From WASHINGTON to MANIE and CALIFORNIA to FLORIDA no place in USA lacks with any concept. SILICON VALLY, WORLD’S BEST TOURIST SPOTS, TECH. LAND of the Globe, USA has an amendable control on every arena. Not just education but also the BUSINESS, TECHNOLOGY, TOURISM, ECONOMY, LIFESTYLE and CULTURE, US is rich in everything that a common person thinks of. The cultural imprints of the nation spans the globe followed by a large part through its popular culture spilled out though Music, Theater, and Films.

Have you thought of living and working in such country where we can earn handsome money every hour. If yes! We are here to help you with certain visa classes.


OUR PROCESSUSA Study Visa Process

The most popular F-1 (student- non immigrant) visa is just few steps away from you.

There are bundles of questions that arises in the mind of students?
Why USA?
Can I work in USA? If yes, than how much?
Is it easy to get F-1 Visa?
What’s the process?
Is USA costly?
Will I get any scholarship?
For what long my visa will be valid?
USA Study Visa

In answer we will say that living and studying is USA is much easier than you think. Comparing to other countries USA provides better and tremendous opportunities with others can either it be flexible study pattern, high scholarships, good student-faculty ratio.

The extra that the country provide is high paying part-time jobs, luxury lifestyle, and every facility that a student needs to live conveniently in any other country far away from home.

Yes! It is absolutely easy to get an F-1 visa, just a little effort and voila! you are just few steps away from your dreams.

Expense In USA F1 Study Visa

The application fee – 200-400 USD
The Tuition fee (1 year) – 8,000$ – 40,000$
Scholarships (total course) – 7000$ – 84,000$
Embassy fee: – 160$
SEVIS fee (student exchange and visitor information systems): 350 $
Air tickets: – depends/varies

Visa Tenure In USA F1 Study Visa:

An F-1 visa is a class of student visa that a should get before planning the travels to study purpose if the study period is more than 6 weeks.

An F-1 visa is valid for 5 years. No matter that you are planning your Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD in USA the visa will be granted for 5 years.


All the students studying in USA no matter in any course (Business, Technology, Health, Management, Hospitality and Tourism) every course has integrated partial-training known as OPT (optional practical training). The US institutions provide Pre-OPT and Post- OPT.


Every year thousands of students migrate from India to USA and 95% of students get the scholarships depending upon their profile, academic excellence, university region and the country they belong to.

USA – As the name denotes the land of opportunities is the actual house of the opportunities. Pour your dreams into reality with the Support of Migration Planet and achieve your goal.


Institutions in USA

Studying in the US can be a life-changing experience for Indian students. The country’s multicultural environment provides a unique opportunity to explore diverse cultures and lifestyles, which is essential in becoming a global citizen. However, it is essential to consider the cost of living in different cities and plan accordingly to make the most of this experience. With the availability of some of the most renowned institutions in the world, Indian students can gain a quality education and broaden their horizons. Studying in the US is an investment in one’s future, and with proper planning and preparation, it can be a memorable and enriching experience.

• American National University

• Ashland University

• Auburn University at Montgomery

• Ball State University

• Bradley University

• Northwest Missouri State University

• Texas A&M University

• Western New England University

• California State University – Sacramento

• California State University – San Bernardino

• Charleston Southern University

• Colorado State University

• EAG Concord University

• EAG Nova Southeastern University

• Duke University

• Duquesne University

• Seattle Pacific University

• Stevens Institute of Technology

• University of Maryland, Baltimore County

• University of Nebraska – Lincoln

• Enrollment Advisory Group EAG Global

• Dickinson University USA

• Florida International University

• Full Sail University

• Gannon University

• Grand Valley State University

• Concordia University Chicago

• Webster University

• Colorado State University

• Drew University

• George Mason University

• Illinois State University

• Marshall University

• Oregon State University

• Saint Louis University

• Suffolk University

• University of Alabama Birmingham

• University of South Florida

• Washington State University

• Jacksonville State University

• Johnson and Wales University

• Arizona State University

• Northeastern University

• Pace University

• Quinnipiac University

• Simmons University

• Tulsa University

• Kennesaw State University

• Kent State University

• La Sierra University

• Lincoln University of Oakland CA

• Missouri State University

• Montana State University

• Montclair State University

• Morehead State University

• Murray State University

• National University

• Park University

• Adelphi University at Manhattan

• American University

• Florida International University

• Southern States University

• St. Ambrose University

• St. George’s University

• SUNY The College at Brockport

• Louisiana State University

• The University of Illinois at Chicago

• University of Central Florida

• University of Dayton

• University of Kansas

• University of Massachusetts Amherst

• University of Massachusetts Boston

• University of Mississippi

• University of South Carolina

• University of the Pacific

• University of Utah

• Sonoma State University

• South Dakota State University

• Southeast Missouri State University

• Southern Connecticut State University

• Southern New Hampshire University

• Tennessee Technological University

• Texas Wesleyan University

• Tiffin University

• Troy University

• University of Alabama

• University of California Irvine Ext.

• University of California San Diego Ext.

• University of Dayton

• University of Idaho

• University of South Alabama

• University of South Dakota

• University of Texas – Arlington